Give Your Instagram Marketing a Big Boost, in 5 Easy Steps

Take the Right Photos Instagram is all about imagery and if you are wasting time resizing, reshaping, or otherwise editing your images, then there is room to improve your approach.  To take a great photo, be sure that you have good light.  If the greatest source of light is behind the object that you are photographing, you are going to end up with nothing more than a silhouette, for instance.  Also, shoot in a square format.  This works best for Instagram and is an option on most cameras and smart devices today.  Also, if you find that you are unhappy with the positioning of your photographs and you frequently have to edit them as a result, consider a photo app for your smart device.  Many of these have a grid system that helps you line up your photo, for better results each every time. Take Advantage of Link Shortening Tools There are plenty of different services online that are willing to shorten your links for you.  The great part about doing so is that you can track the data that is created around those links.  That is to say that you can see how many people clicked on the link.  This allows you to better gauge which posts are producing the greatest benefit for your company.

Build Relationships with Cross-Promoting Don’t be selfish with your Instagram account.  Be sure to give more often than you take.  You can do this with cross-promotion.  Give props to the organizations that you work with, or for products that work well with those you offer.

Know Your Hashtags We’ve mentioned before, and we’ll do so again, because this service allows you instant access to the trendiest hashtags of the moment.  With this information, you can create posts that are relevant, but that also give a boost to your promotion efforts.

Give it Motion Instagram is not just for photos, and today, video rules!  So, create the motion that people want to see in their feeds.  It’ll capture the attention of viewers and give your portfolio of posts a little more depth.  However, don’t just shoot video to shoot video; do so with a purpose in mind.  Offer something of value, so viewers won’t skip right on by.

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