Your Content Creation Inspiration

If you find that you are lacking the drive to sit down and write new content for your company blog, in the form of white papers, or some other variety, then you will want to read further.  While many companies are still under the impression that they can get away without written content, there is certainly evidence to support a content-rich marketing approach. Content Improves SEO More than two-thirds of the marketers with successful SEO practices in place said that they invested in content creation.  Why?  Content can equate to keyword-rich text.  Adding content regularly keeps a website fresh and boosts the number of relevant search terms that are included on the company’s pages.  Great content can also improve the online reputation of the brand.  More people will link to the site, and that means that the search engines will see it as a trustworthy path.

It Sells Not only does it help with SEO, more than nine out of every ten marketers admit that content has helped them drive traffic to their site and that the presence of original content has improved sales.

Content Integrates Well with Social Perhaps the greatest reason to create fresh content on a regular basis, though, is that it gives you something to talk about.  In a day and age when social media rules, it is important to have something to share.  At least twenty percent of the social posts that appear on feeds daily include a link to content.  Where there is content, there is something to discuss.  Those links also mean that social users are being directed to your website.  And, when they find something of value there, it builds brand recognition, and improves the likelihood of a transaction.

If you still find yourself unable to get past writers’ block, then consider the alternatives.  Recruit others within the organization to create content for you, encourage user-generated content by hosting contests and giveaways, or hire the services of a professional content writer.

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