SnapChat: Capture Attention Quick

Three seconds. In that time, most people will have skipped past your ad.

If you want them to pay attention and stick around to catch your full message, then you better make those three seconds count.  According to recent research, as few as thirty percent of all SnapChat ad viewers were actually willing to view an advertisement for more than three seconds.  That means that seven out of ten people were hitting the skip button before they had actually absorbed anything information of value.

As a marketer, it is your responsibility to note these phenomenon and do all that you can to capture the minds of a group with an increasingly short attention span.  In order to do that, you must captivate them in as little as three seconds.  It’s long been said that, in order for a novel to be a success, the reader must be drawn in by the very first sentence.  With the average person reading just three words per second, that sentence better be short and concise.

The same is true with online advertising.  There is a need for brevity, but very wise or witty brevity.  For the purpose of the short video ads on SnapChat, you should be considering the very first, opening image.  Because, essentially, that is all that will be seen by a person in three seconds.  Is it a face they recognize and want to see more of?  Is it a joke that can be immediately appreciated?  Is it something foreign that captures the imagination and leaves them wanting for more?

The more creative you can be in a very short span of time, the better your online advertising will perform today.  That’s true whether you are contending with the millennials on SnapChat, or the forty-somethings on LinkedIn.  People are consuming a huge volume of information on a nearly constant basis today, and that means that they must make split-second filtering decisions.  If you can’t reach them in that miniscule amount of time, then your message will be overlooked.

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