What Do Customer Reviews Mean for Facebook Ads?

If you are finding that your Facebook ad campaign is falling flat, you may want to consider how you can give it a boost with great customer reviews. In this age, people are not as prone to showcase brand loyalty as they once were. And, with the wealth of information currently available online, they can find actual, honest reviews from customers who have already worked with the companies they are considering.The vast majority of people who have been surveyed on the topic suggest that they do strongly consider reviews before making an online purchase. That being said, it is easy to see how important good customer reviews are. You can further benefit from these positive statements by incorporating them into your existing ad campaigns. When customers have been gracious enough to write a positive review (or better yet, to have uploaded a photo of their own experience with the service or product), then you have been handed a previous gift. Don’t overlook the vast worth of such a prize. Choose the right review and incorporate it into your Facebook ad. It gives your company another level of credibility with the viewer, and also removes a little of the risk assumed by the potential buyer, because someone else has already purchased it and been pleased with the outcome. If the customer didn’t include an image with the review, then use your own, but be sure that it is as compelling as the actual review. Keep your message consistent and allow the review to amplify it. Be sure that the review is one that will speak to the intended niche market. Reviews that ease concerns or justify the purchase for other like-minded individuals are the most powerful. Combine these with great ad copy, and you have a winning equation.

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