Can Video Help You Recruit Better Candidates?

If you haven’t employed video as part of your job recruiting efforts, you are missing out on big opportunities.  Today, we live in a very visual society, and people are more willing to look and watch than they are to read and absorb.  So, take advantage of that fact and bring your organization and the available position to life with video. Showcase The Brilliance of Your Organization Today’s workforce doesn’t just want a big paycheck, they want to work for a worthwhile company.  They want to know that the company doesn’t look at them as little more than a number.  Highlighting the beauty of working for your company is a great way to draw the best talent.  Be sure to make mention of the things that make your organization special.  For instance, do you offer a great benefits package that is family friendly?  Do you reward innovation and creative thinking?  Do you provide the flexibility of working remotely?

Provide Valuable Insight Don’t just tell candidates how great your company is, allow them to hear it from those who do the work day in and day out.  Interview your current employees, asking them questions like “What do you like most about your job?” and “What skills would a person need to do the job you do?”  These honest views of the work will mean a great deal to a job hunter.

Be Sure it is Seen Don’t limit this video to one location on the Web.  Maximize the exposure to ensure that the available talent pool will see it.  This means posting it with the job posting, on numerous recruiting sites, but also making it available on your website and social profiles.

Ask for Video in Return To make the most of video in the recruiting process, it must go both ways.  Encourage candidates to send in video applications, answering certain questions about their skills, talents, experience, and concerns.  Not only will this provide the general information about the potential employee, it will also showcase the person’s verbal skills and comfort in a semi-high-pressure setting before an interview has been scheduled.

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