So You Want to Engage the Millennials?

Of course you do.  The millennials are a very powerful niche today.  They understand social media and they use it regularly, which means that you have constant access to them.  Additionally, they are the buyers most likely to take action online, so that is where you want to reach them.  There are a few things that you must be aware of, though, when it comes to the millennial generation. The Favor Honesty As a general rule, millennials are more skeptical and less accepting of dishonesty than generations of the past.  It makes sense, given the number of scams that exist today.  If you have any hope of winning them over, you must be straightforward and authentic.  If you aren’t being true to you and true to the culture of your company, they will know it, and they will shy away.

They Like Human Interaction While some would argue that the millennials are the first generation to be able to live without real human interaction, the truth is that they just accept it in different forms.  That being said, they don’t want to communicate with a logo, and they don’t want to be a number instead of a name.  If you want the millennials to interact with you online, then put a face with the name and give them the human interaction that they crave.

Show Them the Love This rule doesn’t apply to the millennial generation alone, but rather all internet users.  Everyone feels more loyalty to a company who gives back.  Special discounts, loyalty programs, and of course, the much sought after ‘swag’ will be much appreciated by the millennials, and will give them added incentive to share your brand.

Listen The millennials aren’t online sometimes… they are online all of the time.  So, don’t miss the conversation with irregular check-ins.  If you can’t be there to respond in a timely manner, then have a representative- or a team ready to do so.  This is a generation that is used to instant communication, so don’t make them wait too long.

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