Honest Recruiting: 3 Things That Candidates Should Know Before Applying

As the hiring manager, you have a list of responsibilities that you owe to potential candidates. If you want to attract qualified talent, people capable of growing your business, then you must be open, honest, and straightforward throughout the hiring process. There are a few things that a candidate should know about your hiring practices before he or she even applies. To make that happen, be sure to include the following in your job postings.How Far You Are Willing to Dig If you are going to use resources outside those listed as references on the resume, then you should be frank with this information. Alert candidates that you mean to dig into their background to determine how well they will fit within your organization. We recently read an article about the words of wisdom of a recruiting agent. In the piece, the experienced recruiter admitted that he, and others like him, use tactics, such as calling connections in other HR departments, to learn more about the candidates who had applied for positions. These tactics are certainly practiced. However, you don’t want to turn away great talent with shady or secretive investigations. Be honest about your dedication to finding the perfect fit for your opening.

The Part Played by Social Media Obviously, social media profiles are used as part of the background search of new candidates today.  More than two-thirds of companies have admitted to this practice.  This should be mentioned, but also be honest about your stance on other uses of social media. For instance, would you welcome questions about the position or the hiring process on LinkedIn or Twitter?

The Worst Case Conditions In addition to alerting candidates of the hiring protocol and the company history, be sure that you are completely honest about the position you have available. Do not falsely advertise the pay range and do not water down the responsibilities that would come with the title. While you want to attract great talent, you don’t want to go through the hiring process and training program only to lose the person once the truth of the position is revealed.

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