Add Value to Increase User Generated Content

In the previous few posts, we have talked a bit about valuable content.  This is a very important topic for marketers.  If you cannot provide value to your potential- and current consumers, then you have little hope of growing an online presence. The good news is that value comes in many forms, and if you can variate your content with these types of value-added posts, then you can see great pay outs.  Consider these various ideas and how they can be used to grow your customer base:

Contests The simplest form of value is the give-away.  People love to receive something for free, and the great news for you is that they will go to great extremes for the chance of winning that free item.  Offer something that people want and they will very happily join your email list, share your post, or create content for your company.

The Favor Returned Value can also take the form of a thank-you.  Just as you love to see the retweets, likes and shares piling up for your own social accounts, your consumers and supports enjoy seeing it for themselves.  So, return the favor and like something, share something, or leave a comment for those who have shown you support.

User Generated Content Why is social media so successful?  Partially because people like seeing what others are doing, but also because they like sharing information about themselves.  Give your consumers the opportunity to tell their own stories, share their own photos, and you may see the content and interaction on your profile increase substantially.  Encourage users to post to your page with photos of them using your product or with stories about their shopping experience in your stores, and you will likely find that you receive an abundance of user generated content.  Do, though, be prepared for the negative in addition to the positive.  Have a person or a team ready to respond to the negative posts.

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