Email versus Social Media Marketing

Though your aim may be the same, there is a difference between email marketing and social marketing in Internet Marketing San Diego.  However, do not misunderstand the title.  Both of these are very important and can lead to great growth within your organization. Email Marketing The use of email is very powerful.  A message sent directly to a person who has demonstrated an interest in what you have to offer is far more likely to result in a sale than the generalized message sent out to a crowd of people who may or may not recognize your brand.

E-mail marketing differs from social media marketing in that you have already made a connection with the recipient.  This person had to provide you with that email address or you wouldn’t have access to it.  So, now you have to treat it with respect and send out messages that are personal, as well as valuable to the recipient.

Social Media Marketing This may be thought of as stage one.  Whereas you already had the connection with email marketing, you are creating those relationships with social media.  You are speaking to a much broader audience, and while some of those might already be familiar with your brand, others will not be.  The message must be generalized enough to speak to both audiences.

You can also use social media marketing to grow your email list, and in that sense, it is the first stage in reaching your consumers.  Use social media offers to collect email addresses, and then send the more personalized content via email.

That being said, both varieties of Internet Marketing San Diego should be well thought out, and should offer something of value to those seeing the content.  Both require that you capture attention quickly, and with very few characters.  With email, you have only the headline to get your general message across.  With social media, you must be straightforward and clear or you will get lost in the feed.

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