Who Should You Hire For your Vacant Position?

Are you hiring for an opening in your company?  This can be a stressful and time consuming process, but your effort can lead to huge pay-offs in the future.  The right employee can help you grow your business and improve customer relations.  The wrong employee can cost you more time and money for training before leaving the company for the greener grass elsewhere.  Before you interview, consider the attributes that make great employees so wonderful. The Inspired While some people are happy to do as little as possible in order to collect a paycheck, there are those special few who aren’t just willing to go above and beyond, but are excited to do so.  A person who is inspired is a person who will work hard to see the company grow.

The Don’t-Know-It-All There is nothing worse for an employer than being left in charge of the person who believes that he or she already knows everything about the position.  If there is nothing left to learn, nothing left to improve upon, then how can it be expect that this employee will be malleable with the thoughts and needs of others.

The Individual A dress code at your company can help prevent offense clothing, it can also produce a sense of belonging.  Yet, you don’t want a person who is overly eager to blend in.  A person who embraces his or her individuality is a person better prepared to be innovative, to find solutions, to speak up when there is an issue to be addressed.

The Curious While interviewing a candidate, that person should have questions about the position and about the company.  Those questions should be informed and intelligent.  That curiosity is healthy and natural.  They also show that the person cares about the organization and the part that he or she will play within it. The Personable The person who takes time to send a thank-you note, who shakes your hand at the end of the interview, is likely a person who will think of others and work well with fellow employees.

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