One Small Step for the Consumer, One Giant Leap for the Organization

Though it has been said many times that it is important to provide value via social media, many companies and marketers continue to misuse the platforms and don’t understand why they cannot build the followership that they desire.  It is important to understand the thought process of most buyers.  There may be some interest in how your company compares to the competitor, but really they want to know what you can do for them. Placing emphasis on some new award that your company won, or how you remain the largest retailer in a particular industry might appeal to investors, but consumers are much more interested in the sale prices, the only-one-like-it products, the list of creative uses, and the other sources of value that can be had.

When considering your next piece of content, instead of brainstorming “what can I tell them about me or about my company,” consider what you can do for them.

So what do consumers consider valuable?  Sales and coupons may be the first thing to come to mind, but you don’t have to be limited to these.  There are certainly other forms of enticement.  You might, for instance, offer a free ebook with each sale.  You might give a percentage of the proceeds to a non-profit organization.  You might offer a money-back guarantee that far exceeds your competitor’s.  In fact, this latter concept is one that can be very powerful for new- or less familiar brands.  If you want someone to try your new product or service, you must get past the risk barrier.  In some instances, a money back guarantee is enough.  In other instances, you may be better off offering a special deal for first time buyers.

Stop trying to make your company sound better, look better.  Worry about the value that you can offer and you will make a small step with each consumer, and a big leap for organization.

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