iOS 9 Content Blocking: What You Should Know

As if marketing isn’t difficult enough, the ads that companies create will now be blocked by the Apple operating system on many smartphones. Mobile, as we all know, is quickly becoming the biggest marketing arena. It is not the first time that users have been able to block ads, but it is the first time that they can block large volumes of ads all at once.  Many marketers are in a bit of panic at the news, wondering how they will get their paid advertisements in front of those views.

The new iOS apps can block the content before it begins to load, and that means less time to find and block the ads.

It’s Not All Bad Yes, it is going to make it increasingly challenging to reach your niche on the go, but there is an upside to the new ad blockers.  Because so many websites (possibly including your own) use third-party organizations to track advertising and analytics to determine which should be loaded with your website, consumers should be shown the ads most relevant to their individual tastes.  Unfortunately, in order to process all of that information, the websites take longer to load, and that is turning users away.  If the consumer walks away before the website loads, before your ad loads, it does you no favors.

So, how do you get around ad blocking and still enjoy the fast load times that consumers appreciate?  There are other ways to reach your audience, of course.  Social media advertising has proven vastly successful across a wide range of industries, and email marketing reigns supreme for many businesses.  The best part about these methods, now, is that when the consumer clicks through, your page will not take as long to load… because of the ad blockers.

We may not always like the changes that are made to technology, but this just another slight alteration to the ever-evolving art of marketing.

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