Talent Recruiting: Improve Your Job Postings

If you want to get the greatest talent, then you need to appeal to that audience.  If you are finding that your job postings are drumming up few- or inadequate resumes, then consider how you can improve them. Use Keywords It goes without saying that you should include clean, grammar-checked copy in your job postings.  Beyond that, however, you should ensure that your titles and the body of your post include relevant keywords.  The majority of job hunters use keywords to find the jobs that they most desire.  So, much like you would to improve the SEO of your website, you should make a list of the most likely keywords to be searched when seeking an open position like the one that you have to offer.  Once you have your list, work those keywords into the post (including the title).

Use the Right Tone It’s not just about the words and the grammar of the piece.  The posting must clearly state what will be expected of the selected candidate.  However, there is more to a great Help Wanted listing than listing what the employer expected from the employee.  When you are seeking experienced talent, you can expect that you are competing for those individuals, and, therefore, you should be very clear about the advantages your company offers over the competitors.  The candidate wants to know what will be expected of him or her, but also what will be received in return.

Include Salary Range Along that same line, it is important to include the available salary range.  Many employers leave this information out.  However, it doesn’t make sense to do that.  Job seekers want to know what they can earn with the position, and this will also help to ensure that those who apply have proper expectations.

Format Properly The final tip we have for you is to keep your formatting consistent.  If you have two job listings or two hundred, they should all look the same.  The consistency helps to ensure that each and every posting is professionally presented.  Furthermore, it will help to improve brand recognition with job seekers.  Part of this format should be that each posting begins with the job description, with the company description to follow.  Many job search websites will have two versions of the post – a condensed version and then the full version for those who click through.  By placing the job description at the top of the page, you can better ensure that it is seen in the condensed version of the post.

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