Three Rules of Great Content Creation

If you are having trouble creating enough content to keep your site and social profiles active and interesting, then you might consider content curation.  The art of involving others in your discussion, but sharing what they have to say, can be a very effective form of online marketing.  However, there are a few rules that you should abide by, if you have any hope of making this a success. Rule #1:Don’t Rely Entirely on the Words of Others

Too many times we have seen content curation fail miserably because a person was using only the works of others to form his or her content strategy.  It is important to have your own voice heard as well, or you get lost on your own page.  Be sure that you are working original content in with that shared.  In fact, as a general rule, we recommend that you maintain at least a 75%-25% balance.  That is to say that you can use curation as up to seventy percent of your content, but at least 25% should be original.

Rule #2: Be Consistent

So many companies and individuals get excited about social media for a short time, but then lose their zeal when they realize how much time goes into maintaining them.  Be sure that you are not overwhelming yourself by having too many accounts active.  Instead, focus your attention and consistently share worthwhile information.  The same can be said about company blogs and news pages. The time commitment can be cut down by using scheduling tools that automatically post at specified times.

Rule #3: Be an Expert

Be careful about what you share, so you are providing worthwhile content – whether you created or someone else did.  Don’t just share others’ content, comment on it.  Add your own perspective and showcase yourself as an industry expert, which is exactly how you want those in your niche to perceive you.

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