Social Interaction Drives Traffic: Further Evidence

We took exceptional interest in a recent piece that was published on  It doesn’t take a marketing guru to see that social media is a great way to share content, but social referrals have really reached new heights for many online companies these days.  They are more than helpful; they are essential when it comes to growing a company’s brand and internet presence.  How important?  So important that new research has revealed that Facebook has overstepped Google for driving people to relevant news stories. The study was executed by  This company services more than four hundred major media and news outlets, including some of the biggest names online, such as Wired, Reuters, The Daily Telegraph, and Mashable.  With clients of that caliber, who are pulling in a collective six billion page views monthly, it is important to know where the traffic is coming from.  So makes a point of knowing just that.

According to their most recent research, Facebook has taken over as the leader in driving people to online news and media.  Not only do the Facebook referrals to these news stories beat out the number coming from Google, they crush the numbers coming from sites like Yahoo, Bing and AOL, which collectively account for fewer than 10% of the referrals.  Facebook, according to the research, was responsible for 43%.  Google has fallen to less than forty percent.  The remaining percentage can be attributed to RSS feeds, various social media platforms, website shares, and other such sources.

So, what does this mean for you?  It means that if you are hoping to get your content in front of people, if you want to improve readership, you need to get it to Facebook.  Furthermore, you have to encourage your audience to share the links to that content.

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