6 Tips for Social Media Recruiting Talent Online

Finding new employees that will share your love of the company and your drive to be successful can be a challenge.  Fortunately, though, you have an advantage over the employers of generations past. You have the internet and social media, and these tools can work in your favor when it comes to social media recruiting new talent.  However, be sure that you are approaching your social media research in the right way.

  1. Be Transparent Don’t sneak around about your use of social media. Candidates, today, understand that social media is a powerful tool, so don’t be secretive about it.  Tell the prospective employees that you have looked into social media accounts to learn more.  Only those who have something to hide would have reason to be concerned about this.
  2. Go Public You don’t have to be a private investigator in order to get a feel for the worthiness of the candidate, and you don’t have to ask for a friend invite, just research the public information. With sites like Twitter, you can see everything the person has to say.  On Facebook, anything shared publicly can be viewed.  You can learn enough from this and not infringe on the person’s privacy.
  3. Print Itout your findings, so you can reference them later. Social media feeds are regularly updated and you may not be able to find the same information when you come back to it a week later.
  4. Focus Your Search Put more emphasis on what the candidate is writing and posting, and less on what others are posting about that person.
  5. Don’t Discriminate If you are going to check in on one candidate, check on them all. Keep the playing field fair.  Besides, there is a lot to be learned from social media accounts.

Don’t Feel BadNearly 2/3 of all employers are no screening their candidates via social network sites.

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