Importance of a Content Strategy

We have said it before, but it certainly deserves a second mention, content is an essential part of operating in the online environment today. The right content strategy will encourage interaction on the part of consumers, it will provide a boost to SEO, and it will improve brand recognition.  Yet, despite these facts, and while nearly nine out of every ten marketers employ content marketing, just one-third of marketing teams can say that they have a formal strategy in place. The vast majority of businesses intend to create more content in 2015, but with so few of those actually having a strategy, you must wonder at the usefulness of these pieces.  Why do something without having a clear idea of why you are doing it? There are a few questions that should be answered by your marketing team before content creation is underway.

What Are We Investing In? There is a marketing budget in place, undoubtedly, so it should be documented how this money is being spent and for what purpose.  You must have this knowledge, if you have any chance of getting a clear picture of your return on investment.  So, if the money is being spent on content creation, the team should know why the content is being created, who it is being aimed at, and what purpose it is intended to serve.  Are you simply aiming to improve brand recognition?  Are you trying to drive traffic to the website?  Is this content intended to improve sales figures?  What is the goal?

How Will this Content Be Different From What You Already Have? Is this content an extension of something that you have already created, or is it all together new?  Is it speaking to the same audience, or is it intended to draw in a different crowd?

How Can The Current Content Strategy Be Improved? Whether there is a formal strategy in place, or you are simply creating to create at this point, you should start to consider how you can improve your efforts to produce better results.  Content strategy should be a constantly evolving concept, because technology is always changing and improving, and along with it, the consumers are altering their views as well.

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