Why Encourage Employee Referrals

When it comes to recruiting new talent, there is a lot of be learned from your current staff.  Many employers have already recognized this fact and have created employee referral programs, which reward those members of the staff willing to help the company find new, well-educated, experienced job candidates. Why seek employee referral? 

Perhaps the better question is, ‘who knows the job better than those who are already doing it?’  Understanding the rigors of the job and what is needed to do it well makes your current employees the best scouts for new talent.  Not only will they be able to recognize individuals capable of doing the work, they will be able to provide honest insight about what it is like to work for the company.  That means that you get the best qualified talent, and the new hires come in with a thorough understanding of what is expected.

On top of this, most employees already have a network in place, which they can tap into for finding new talent.  Social media has certainly expanded our borders and made it easier to maintain relationships over long distances.  Many social media users have thousands of connections at their fingertips, at any given time.  That means that even a small company, with as few as ten employees, could have access to tens of thousands of potential candidates. Of course, the vast majority of those people won’t be interested or won’t have the necessary training.  However, your employees will be able to whittle their lists down and can help you determine which of their connections are most likely to fit the job description. Better yet, they can reach out on a personal level, extending an invitation to apply.

So, provide the incentive to make their efforts worthwhile.  After all, if people with similar interests often end up on similar career paths, it is safe to assume that your current employees have friends who may fit perfectly into your job openings.

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