Employee Recruiting: 3 Ways to Improve Your Candidate Pool

With talk of the recession quickly becoming a thing of the past, the job market is opening up and good candidates are finding that they have a larger pool of jobs to choose from.  That’s great news for those who suffered through long stretches of unemployment during the worse of the recession, but not so great for those trying to attract the best talent. More competition for the available recruits means that you will have to reach further, faster to catch the eye of those seeking work.  There are a few ways to ensure that you get your message to those most likely to suit your needs.

Get Your Name Out There It may sound crazy, but your efforts to get publicity shouldn’t be focused entirely on sales.  The better recognized your brand happens to be, the more potential employees you will attract.  So, get people talking about your brand if you are going to be hiring soon.

Keep Your Website Up to Date A prospective employee who happens upon your website is going to quickly surf away, if the available positions list hasn’t been updated in a month or more.  Keep your list up to date and also encourage talent to submit applications, even if there isn’t a current opening.  Make it clear that you will keep these applications on file, in case something opens up in the near future.

Use Your Current Employees Not in a bad way!  We are suggesting that you use the networks that they already have in place to attract new talent.  How do you encourage your employees to spread the word?  Often asking is enough incentive.  However, if you really want those individuals to put effort into weeding through their networks to find the best qualified candidates, then offer an incentive.  If they help you find a worthwhile candidate, reward them with a bonus.

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