Social Content: Get Your Length Right

We’ve mentioned, numerous times, on this blog in the past that people do not have the same attention span as they once did.  The ease of obtaining information, and that fact that we are being presented with so much at any given time, means that we simply have a harder time focusing.  When we aren’t being forced to focus, we don’t. That being said, it is important, when it comes to social media marketing and content creation, to be concise.  You only have the attention of the reader for a very short period of time.

For social posts, there is a definite need for brevity.  Though Twitter allows you 140 characters, the most successful tweets are generally those that are 100 characters or fewer in length.  Not only are they easier to read, they are easier to share.

It’s not just on social media, however, that a person should cut down the character count.  Domain names, Email subject lines, and blog headlines are most successful when they are short and specific.  Domain names should be easy to remember and easy to spell, for obvious reasons.  Email subject lines that are too long will generally be cut off by the email host anyway, and blog headlines are often skimmed over, with the reader only catching the first three and last three words.  Make it six words long (or fewer) and you will be sure to get the message across clearly.

While you are at it, weed out the fluff from the body of the blog post as well.  It should not take more than three minutes to read the full post.  If it does, you’ll lose the attention of your audience.  With the average person reading 200 words per minute, you should shoot to say what you need to say in 600 or fewer words.

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