Why Should You Take a Minute to Like Someone Else’s Content

If you are trying to build an online network for your brand, and you are regularly posting content, then you should definitely be taking the time to read others’.  The whole concept behind social media is that people can share.  If you are only posting, failing to read and respond to others’ posts, then you are only doing half of your job. One of our clients had been doing just that.  He posted two or three times per day to multiple social media accounts, yet he was seeing little feedback from his audience.  Though he had developed a decent following, people weren’t really interacting with him, and he couldn’t figure out why.  Plus, the numbers of followers were remaining relatively stagnant, growing very slowly.  With a push in the right direction, he learned that there is a lot to be gained with a few ‘likes’ or retweets.  Consider how people respond to such actions. 

By making a point to ‘like’ or retweet at least ten pieces of content per day, he found that he was able to add a significant number of followers per day.  Additionally, people were more prone to ‘like’ or to comment on his own content.  The number of shares and retweets quickly grew, and so did the conversations.  People weren’t just responding to his content, they were reaching out to him, asking questions, and thanking him for taking the time to respond to their content.  The social element of social media was finally making sense.

Social media is a powerful tool for marketers, but not for those who are only in it for self-promotion.  There has to be that element of sharing, a sense of give and take, if you have any hope of gaining any advantage through those networks.  People want to feel that they are being given something in return.

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