SEO and Social Media: Making Them Play Nice

Working on improving your website Digital Marketing San Diego?  Then, you will want to take a close look at the social media platforms available to you, and make your presence known.  Social media is playing an increasingly large part in Digital Marketing San Diego today. Google, as we all know, is constantly reworking the algorithms that determine what a person sees based on the keywords searched.  Part of the recent changes has been the effort to include social media as an influencer.  The more likes, +1s, and retweets received, the better the standings will be with Digital Marketing San Diego.

It’s still important to understand the most frequently searched keywords in your industry.  Remember, if you are a local company, then you should be focusing on localized keywords.  These keywords are going to play a part in your social campaign as well.  So, the same rules apply as always have – you must know who your audience is, and you must know what they will be searching for.

Make every aspect of your business social.  Sending out flyers?  Creating a new webpage?  Emailing potential customers? Be sure that you include social media links, company-specific hashtags, or social handles, so the audience can find you and reach out.  You don’t want your social presence to be a secret.

Be trendy!  Though we celebrate individuality in this day and age, you can’t be too caught up in yourself when it comes to social media.  The more on-trend you are, the more traffic your pages are likely to see.  The more traffic you generate, the more response you are likely to get from your audience.  The more response, the better the SEO.  So, know what is trending and make it apply to your products or services.  Use the trending hashtags in your posts so they are more easily discovered.  Present these in a manner that will appeal to your niche, and you will maximize the value of each and every post.

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