Bringing Your Blog to the Social Realm

Digital Marketing Carlsbad can be difficult today.  For a while, it was relatively simple to start a blog and build an audience, but as the web becomes increasingly swamped with information, and as people shift their expectations, Digital Marketing Carlsbad is becoming more and more challenging to do so.  So, the most successful bloggers, today, are those who can transition seamlessly from the blog environment to the social media realm for Digital Marketing Carlsbad. Promoting your blog, in a thoughtful way, is a great way to drive traffic there.  This begins with the simple inclusion of a link on each social profile.  Rather than providing a link to the website homepage, provide a link directly to the blog.

Post intelligently, or with humor, about things related to the blog, rather than constantly talking about the blog itself.  If you have a parenting blog and are writing about traveling with children this week, then tweet about the various travel tips you’ve found online, or learned as a result of trial and error, for instance.  When people find that your tweets are informative, make them pause, or give them reason to giggle, they are more likely to check out other things you have written.

Use the ‘every fourth’ rule.  Allow every fourth post include a link to your blog.  You don’t want to promote yourself with every single post, because it will just drive others away.  But when you are providing value three-quarters of the time, and doing a bit of self-promotion in between, people will not look upon it unfavorably.  They will be more likely to click through.

Don’t forget the imagery!  If you want to make your blog a success, and you intend to use social media to make that happen, then there better be imagery involved in your posts.  The most successful social media posts are those that catch the eye.  The best way to do that is with a picture.  If there is a picture already included with the blog post, it will make it much easier to post with an image when sharing to social media.

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