You Have the Blink of an Eye to Make Them Love You

There are well over a billion websites on the World Wide Web today, and you want yours to stand out among the masses.  Needless to say, it’s a bit of a challenge, but not impossible.  However, your success hinges on first impressions.  You literally have less than a second to draw your customer in. In surveys, it has been continually found that the majority of buyers form a quick and decided opinion of a company’s credibility simply by looking at the website for that organization.  Don’t have one?  Even if you are operating on a local level, you have just cost yourself a large audience, because millions of people have reported that they won’t even give a company a chance if they can’t check them out online first.

So, if you have a website, then you are ahead of those who don’t, but you still have something to prove.  If your pages don’t load properly, if there are numerous grammar mistakes, or your design is far from appealing, then people are going to immediately turn away.  The first impression had been formed and you can be certain that it isn’t a good one.

That impression occurs quickly… very quickly!  It has taken you significantly longer to read this single sentence than it took your potential customer to decide whether you were worthy of his or her business.  In fact, you just blinked, and it took you longer to do that than it took the consumer to form that first impression.  Just milliseconds, experts say.  Fractions of a second are all that is needed to form an impression of a business.

Some will say that user-friendliness is key to website success.  It is true, and we certainly don’t want to undervalue the importance of easy navigation. However, too many people have taken that message far too literally, placing all of the effort into creating a use-friendly site, a website that is unattractive.  If you have only milliseconds to impress the audience, it’s not the navigation controls that are going to win them over… it’s the design.

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