Four Forms of Content Marketing You Might Have Overlooked

There are many forms of content, all of which can add to your Carlsbad Online Marketing campaign.  Some of most common types are blog posts, newsletters, and video.  However, there are many other forms of Carlsbad Online Marketing, and a few of these are commonly overlooked.  Yet, these lesser used content types can be of great value when executed in the right manner. Advertorial This is not a new concept and was employed long before web-based advertising was born.  The most common variety of advertorial is the infomercial.  However, any content that is intended for advertising but written in a very news-like manner could fall under this category.  There have been some very successful examples of this in recent years, particularly those seen on YouTube.

Game Play How could gaming be advantageous to your marketing campaign?  Consider the number of posts created on Facebook each day that relate to a game being played by a particular user.  Create a fun activity – an online game, an app, an intelligence quiz, etc. — that people want to participate in, require them to share on a social platform, and reward them further.  It spreads brand recognition, and gives the user a reason to keep coming back to your site.

Crowdsource Just look to Wikipedia and you can begin to understand the power of collaborative thought.  People like to feel as though they are involved, particularly when that involvement provides them recognition to some degree.  Create content that others can add to, enhance, or otherwise participate in, and you’ll likely find that there is a sense of loyalty developed along the way.

eBooks The Web may be full of information, but you are an expert in your area and you, therefore, have something to offer that others do not. Ebooks are particularly beneficial when there is much to be learned by the niche market.  For instance, those creating kitchen gadgets might want to consider an ebook that focuses on recipes using those particular items.  Those working in the construction industry might want to consider ebooks focusing on particular DIY home construction plans or instructions.

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