What Does Your Twitter Profile Say About You?

Part of the process of creating and maintaining a Twitter account is writing a short and sweet profile.  Despite the 140 character limit, you must provide a lot of information in that bio if you want to entice others to follow you. Whose Tweeting? Of course, the most important bit of the equation is making it clear who is tweeting from the account.  We can’t always get the Twitter handle that we would prefer to have, which means that we must clearly state who is going to be managing the account.  Use the name that you are known by elsewhere.  For instance, if you are legally Katherine Smith, but you do business by Katie Smith, then be sure that you list your name on Twitter as Katie Smith.  You must ensure that you keep your brand consistent.

Many accounts are not for an individual, but rather for a business.  If you are a large company, with many different departments or locations, then you may need multiple Twitter accounts.  It is important for people to be able to reach out with confidence, to the organizations that they want to reference.  So you might need a handle for the various departments of your company – HR, customer service, etc.  You may also need a different handle for each location. For instance, a Twitter account for your New York City branch, and one for the location in San Diego.

Your Job and So Much More Once you have established who you are, you must talk about what you do.  Only, this doesn’t have to be limited to your career title.  Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to discuss your other interests as well.  These keywords will only help you draw in a likeminded audience.  You want to be seen as a human being – well-rounded.  

Similarly, companies shouldn’t get caught up in the exact and precise.  “We sell dolls”, for example, is not nearly as enticing as “A company devoted to children and the young at hard, producing toys that will smile back.”  This is a chance to discuss your mission, to talk about values, or to showcase creativity.

The way in which you describe yourself will also be seen as a reflection of your future tweets.  People will expect to experience a particular tone and subject matter simply based on the way that you present yourself.

How to Connect Last, but certainly not least, be sure that you include a link or otherwise give readers a method of reaching you outside of Twitter.  

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