Don’t Let Your Email Marketing Strategy Go Stale

Email is a wonderful tool, and despite all of the changes that have taken place on the Web in recent years, email remains a major part of most online marketing campaigns.  This is simply because it has proven a most effective channel over and over and over again.  It is, in fact, the platform consistently generating the very best ROIs for marketers. It has proven far more successful when trying to acquire new customers than even the most popular social media platforms. Yet, email is not always effective.  This is not a guaranteed science and there are things that you can do to ensure the campaign falls flat.  For instance, more than eight in ten people will immediately delete an email if it is not mobile-friendly.  Yet, more than sixty percent of users admit that they are often swayed to make purchases when the emails look good on a mobile screen.  And, people are opening emails on mobile more often than ever before.  There has been a thirty percent increase in such actions since 2010.  As mobile devices continue to improve, those figures will undoubtedly continue their upward climb.

It’s all about creating enticing subject lines, worthwhile content, and value.  If the consumer is enticed to open the email, the page looks great and offers value, the chances of click through are great.

We have found that it is not a lack of inspiration on the part of companies that leads to faltering email campaigns, it is the lack of time.  These campaigns take time if they are to be successful; not just the initial span for creating and launching, but also that for collecting data, analyzing, and tweaking the content.  A company that is properly following up after the launch will quickly recognize when something is not write (i.e. people are having troubling viewing the content via mobile device), so they are able to correct the issue.  The campaign doesn’t go stale, because they have the information that they need to react to potential problems.

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