Social Media Terms You Should Be Familiar With

The introduction of social media to the general populace has led to the creation of an entirely new Carlsbad Online Marketing language.  Those who know the terms and how they apply can really make the most of these platforms, reaching their customer base in the best possible manner. While there are too many words and phrases to list in a single blog post, there are a few that you should definitely be aware of, if you are operating a Carlsbad Online Marketing campaign. Archiving This is not a new term, and many people are already familiar with it because of the part it plays in email organization.  However, archiving, or the act of saving past conversations, is just as important in the social media realm.  Ensuring that these correspondences are saved to a secure, personal database, means that they can be referenced again in the future.  And, that is a very important piece of information for the companies communicating with their consumers online.

Brandjacking This is, as it may immediately appear, a negative term, which refers to the illegal use of a brand name for the purpose of ruining a reputation or promoting an immoral agenda.  Unfortunately, this does happen and more often than people would like to believe.  Even when it is later revealed that the brand was hijacked, the damage is often already done, which is why it is so essential to protect your company online.

User-generated content (UGC) Back into the realm of positivity, there are few things greater than UGC when it comes to online marketing campaigns. When individuals are willing to create their own content, which favors your brand, it is like a small blessing.  So, don’t miss the chance to respond and reward such behavior.

Klout Score This is one that we are frequently asked about.  The creators of the Klout website were geniuses, and provide a uniform rating of social influence. Create a Klout profile, attach multiple platforms to it, so you can see how your company rates.

First Response Time How quickly can you respond when a customer writes to you via social media?  It matters.  It matters so much that they have designated a term to define it.

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