Three Things You Should Definitely Be Measuring

If you aren’t collecting and analyzing data to measure your online performance yet, you are in danger of being obliterated by the competition.  It is important to be active online in this day and age, but that also means gauging your performance, and taking the time to learn about your audience.  The good news is that it isn’t hard to start running analytics.  There are some very basic numbers that can give you a good picture of how things are going for your company, on the Web. Email subscribers How many do you have?  If this number is lagging, then you aren’t making the most of a very viable platform for reaching potential buyers.  In fact, statistics suggest that email marketing remains the most productive form of online activity for companies.  So run campaigns to get people subscribed, and then continue to watch this number to ensure it doesn’t drop off again.

Newsletter Open Rates Once you have a good sized email subscriber list, then it is time to make good use of it.  For many, this means sending out regular news letters.  With the right newsletter creation service, you can easily send out the mass mailings and then track the important data.  The newsletter open rates being among the most important.  If people aren’t opening the content, then it is serving very little purpose.

Website Visits Whether you use Google’s services or a service provided by your website host, be sure that you have some way of gauging the traffic coming into your site.  Very often this will allow you to track more than just the number of people stopping in, but will also tell you how they found your website, how long they stayed, and the number of pages visited while they were there.

These are very basic stats, but they can tell you a great deal about your company.  Once you have discovered your audience and ensured that they can find your website, then it is time to track conversion rates, returns on investment, and more.

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