The No-Cost Social Campaign

In a previous post, we wrote a bit about the decline in organic marketing growth online.  It is difficult to produce real results with unpaid Digital Marketing Carlsbad today, which has led many companies to start opening their wallets for the paid alternatives.  However, if you don’t have the budget or simply want to attempt the organic method, there are ways to do so successfully, even amidst the jumble of digital content today. The best way to make free Digital Marketing Carlsbad work for you is to direct all brand decisions toward the social realm.  That is to say that you should be sure that every decision made regarding the brand will work seamlessly with your social presence.

Packaging One can’t talk about packing integrating with social media without mentioning Coca Cola this year.  The company made a brilliant move with their ‘Share a Coke with…” campaign, which included a hashtag of the same name on every can and bottle.  While this is only one example, it is a good one.  If you can make the packaging conversation-friendly, and you can direct that chatter back to the web, you will see beautiful organic growth online.

Offline Advertising If you’ve spent a large sum of your marketing budget on an offline ad campaign, then be sure that you are directing the audience back to the web.  Television commercials that make people laugh, cry, or otherwise react emotionally are sure to be talked about.  Be sure that you have a Youtube version of the commercial that can be shared online, and be sure you have a hashtag specific to your brand that is displayed somewhere during the commercial.

Customer Service Bring your service department online.  Be ready to answer questions, clear up concerns, and acknowledge positive feedback.  Just be there and always willing to respond.

HR and Recruiting Put your job postings are online.  You can create posts on Linked In, of course, but also chat about the openings on Twitter, Facebook, and in other such feeds.  Encourage interested candidates to ask questions about the job in those feeds and be sure you are ready to respond.

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