Great Marketing is Logical and Creative

Both sides of the brain should be utilized when crafting a great Internet Marketing San Diego campaign.  That has never been truer than it is today.  With Internet Marketing San Diego, it is easier than ever before to collect data and to use the analysis to formulate advertising game plans.  Yet, it is also essential to be highly creative in your approach to doing so, because there is such intense competition.  People are simply inundated with information and content, so you must stand out if you have any hope of drawing the buyer in. A great example of combining data analysis and creative campaigning is that executed by The Economist.  In today’s world, it is difficult to sell subscriptions to any publication, because there is so much information readily accessable online.  However, that didn’t stop this company from reaching out to a niche market in a big way.

They needed to reach the millennials, who would appreciate the liberal publication, and that meant collecting a lot of data.  Who was already subscribing?  What were they like?  What did they respond to best?  By discovering who their existing audience was and what they were reading most, the company could reach other to others within that niche with material that was sure to please.

Yet, it wasn’t enough to know who, what, and where.  The Economist had to do something to stand out, to make their material worth the annual fee.  So, they put together creative content, with headlines that would be pinpoint targeted to that particular niche.  Then, they placed this content in the places where it was most likely to be appreciated, via contextual targeting.  The person was already seeking news on a particular topic, already reading the story, so it made sense to provide them with a related piece from the Economist. So precisely targeted, the audience just couldn’t refuse.  The click-through-rates were outstanding, and the company exceeded expectation five hundred times over.

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