Does Your Company Need a Mobile App?

For a long time, it was the question of whether not a website was necessary, and then the focus turned to the importance of a mobile-friendly site.  Now, the question is whether or not companies should invest in a mobile app. The answer has always been the same, for each. While many companies are not likely to immediately pay for and activate a mobile app, eventually it will be necessary for the purpose of continued growth and competition.  And, as we have seen with the development of websites and mobile sites, it pays to beat the crowds.  Granted, there are a huge number of large businesses already having apps, but the majority of small businesses do not.  So, if you are competing at that level, you still have time to get ahead of the competitors.

Many business people will insist that a mobile site is all that is needed, and the app is redundant.  However, consider the advantages of the latter.

Bar Code Scanning With a great app, your customer or a potential consumer can scan your product’s barcode and instantly learn more about it.  For instance, for a food product, you may consider providing related recipes.  For furniture, perhaps the scanning of the code would allow the consumer to see what the piece would look like in an appropriate setting.  The opportunities are nearly endless, and it is the ability to scan that code and learn more that will appeal to the consumer.

Sale Notifications While you can certainly do a great deal to promote you mobile site, when your customer has downloaded your app, you have a direct form of communication.  You can provide instant value, by sending coupons and sale information directly to the mobile device.

Location Services Better yet, those sales alerts can be well timed, because a mobile app can allow you to track your customer’s location, so you can offer that value exactly when the person is most likely to step foot in your store.

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