Four Ways to Ensure Failure within your Creative Team

“Content is king.”  We’ve seen the statement in countless pieces.  It’s been all but shouted from the rooftops.  So, if it is so important, why are so many companies failing to turn out worthwhile content?  For a lot of businesses it comes down to a discouraged creative team.  Believe it or not, you may be stifling the very best your creative team has to offer by making the following mistakes. Overly Tight Deadlines In a recent post, we wrote a bit about the importance of letting creativity happen organically.  The same is true when you are expecting creative genius from other minds in your firm.  Great content takes time.  Whether it is capturing the perfect photo for Instagram, crafting an infographic for Facebook, or writing a story-style piece for a company blog, creativity doesn’t happen on command.  The best pieces take time, so be realistic with your expectations, or risk extinguishing the creative flame in your company.

Poorly Defined Objectives If there is only a vague understanding of what management is trying to achieve, then there is a very good chance that the creative content is going to continually miss its mark.  The best way to ensure that everyone remains on the same page is to have a definitive plan in place, with clear milestones on the path to reaching the ultimate goal.

A Lack of Checks and Balances Yes, you should be willing to place a lot of trust in the hands of your creative team, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you hand over full control.  People make mistakes.  Consider the T-shirt released by Under Armour that made reference to the famous raising of the flag over Iwo Jima. The creative team had an idea.  Obviously they had an idea that they thought would go over well with the intended audience, but others were not pleased and there was tremendous backlash.  The more eyes that review the proposed content, the less likely it is that your company will make a similar error in judgement.

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