You Did What?! Stop These Media Marketing Mistakes

Media marketing is still a relatively new creature, and one that companies from all corners of the world are experimenting with.  However, while experimentation can turn into outstanding success, it can also wind up costing some Digital Marketing La Jolla companies dearly when mistakes are made. The good news is that a lot of mistakes have already been made, and that means that you can learn from other Digital Marketing La Jolla companies, while avoiding the fate for your own company.

Hold Tight to the Reigns If you pay attention to the media marketing headlines at all, and then you simply can’t forget the blunder made by one company in 2013, when the HR department got ahold of the Twitter login information, just as more than six hundred people were laid off.  The move by management, of course, spurred some rather nasty tweets from the account hijackers.  The lesson to be learned from this mistake, of course, is to be sure that you fully trust those who are given access to your social media accounts, and that you change the passwords before executing layoffs.

Rethink the ‘Password’ Regardless of how forgetful you may be, you should definitely reconsider the decision to use one of the most predictable passwords for social accounts.  Countless companies have had their accounts hacked, which has led to countless consumers receiving spam messages.  Just one spam message from your company account can be enough for your followers to jump ship.

Your High School English Teacher Wasn’t Lying It really is illegal to plagiarize, and today it is very easy for people to catch you in the act of stealing.  Believe it or not, it has happened.  Companies have suffered serious reputation hits when it was discovered that they were passing plagiarized content off as their own.

Hashtag Horror If you think it would be wonderful to get your customers to chat about your products and services by starting a new hashtag, you might be right.  But, if you choose the wrong hashtag, you may just find that you regret the decision, especially if there are groups who don’t appreciate what your business does.  Some of the biggest, international brands have learned this lesson the hard way (including McDonalds, and JPMorgan).

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