Three Instagram Tactics You Should Be Trying

Instagram is all about having engaging photos that make people take a second glance.  When handled correctly, an Instagram account can be very beneficial for business.  Yet, notable success on Instagram is going to take more than a few great photos.  Consider these Instagram tactics that you can get others involved. Establish Powerful Partnerships One of the tried and true methods of getting started on Instagram is piggybacking.  There are many individuals and organizations who have already built rather large followings on the platform.  If you can partner with those who have already have an established audience, your message is undoubtedly going to reach more of the people who would be interested in what you have to offer.  However, simply asking an Instagram powerhouse to jump onboard with your campaign likely isn’t going to get you anywhere.  Instead, propose a partnership that can’t be refused.  For instance, offer to couple your product with another complimentary one for a short time, so that you and the other manufacturer are working together.  Also, consider donating a percentage of your profits on a particular product or service to a non-profit, if they help you spread the word.

Announce Anniversaries People love an excuse to party… and are always willing to accept a gift.  Be sure that you are marking your milestones on social media, including Instagram.  On your company’s anniversary, give out samples to the first so many people who are willing to post a picture or two of how they use them.

Challenge Your Audience Giveaways are great ways to inspire others, and they are a wonderful way to build an Instagram following.  You might, for instance, consider running a competition, offering a valuable giveaway for the best photograph of your product.  Encourage those participating to use a particular hashtag with their entries, and to be creative when deciding on the best backdrop for the photo.

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