How Facebook is Making it Easier to Reach Your Niche

Marketing 101 stipulates that the most successful businesses are those who can narrow their intended audiences, catering their marketing efforts only to those falling into the narrow niche.  However, advertising to such a select group of people was once difficult.    Now, though, services like Facebook, are making it much simpler.  The ad design options on sites like this social network make it possible to speak only to those who are most likely to desire your products or services.  That, of course, means that you are more likely to see a favorable return on your investment. Not long ago, Facebook announced that it would be expanding its location targeting, making it easier than ever for marketers to reach their intended audiences.  They have not only expanded the list of countries served, but also narrowed the target ranges within many countries.  In several nations, it is possible to narrow the niche right down to the city they reside in.  City targeting is available in so many countries that the list provided by Facebook fills two and a half pages, including nations from Albania to Zimbabwe, and countless others in between. For those that are attempting to market to a larger region, there is also the option to narrow the list by state or providence in many of those countries.

Were you hoping to narrow your list further? You don’t even have to target the whole city.  You can be very selective about who your ad reaches, by choosing to market only to people who reside in the city, or broaden the scope to include those who are visiting the area (determined by mobile device).

Once you have determined exactly where your niche market resides, and what locations they may be visiting on any given day, you can precisely target them with your ads.  Design a compelling message, and you have essentially set your product or service right under the nose of the person most likely to invest in it.

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