Blogging for Business: Versus

We have often mentioned the importance of content creation for the purpose of building a company’s online presence.  Very often, that content comes in the form of a blogging for business.  Even if you aren’t going to write daily or weekly, you can use this space to embed videos, podcasts, imagery, or infographics, among other things.  Used correctly, a blog can be an excellent source of entertainment and useful information, integrated in a variety of media.  However, in order to start such a collection of content, you will have to choose a blog host. A large percentage of the bloggers on the web today prefer WordPress for this purpose.  However, there is some misunderstanding related to WordPress.  People often don’t realize that there are two different websites by the same name, and while both can be used for blogging, there are many differences in what they offer the user. is a free space, with thousands of plugins that can be used to truly customize and improve the blogging experience.  The wide range of tools means that there are endless possibilities for the design and layout of your blog.  Furthermore, this can allow you to interact with your audience in new and exciting ways.  While this site is very useful, it does not include the actual hosting. You must purchase that service from an external site.  The costs vary from $5 per month to $15 per month for the average website.

On the other hand, for the beginner, who wants a very easy installation process and free hosting, there is  So, what is the catch?  You aren’t going to find all of the options and tools seen on  Though there are plugins offered, for instance, there is only a fraction of the tens of thousands found on  And, you are also limited to the available themes, meaning that you cannot create your own and upload it to

It is important to consider these differences when choosing where to begin with your blog.  After all, the content creation is going to take you time, and it will be a big part of your social marketing campaign, so you want to be comfortable with the platform that you work from.

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