What to Ask Before Hiring a Media Marketer

Hiring a Digital Marketing La Jolla company means placing your business, your baby in the hands of another person or another group.  You want to be sure that your investment will be worth it in the long run, and you want to know that your trust is well placed in a Digital Marketing La Jolla company.  Be sure that you are asking the right questions before hiring. How Is the Service Priced? This is obviously a very important question, because you want to be monetarily prepared.  If they charge hourly, how do they keep track of the number of hours spent on your project?  What happens if they must exceed the predetermined maximum number of hours?  What if additional services are added before the project is finished?  It is important to know if advance how costs will be determined and how the billing will be handled.  Though media marketers can make a drastic difference in the rate of growth your company experiences, if the costs are higher than planned or the bills come unexpectedly, it can temporarily harm the bottom line.

Experience and Portfolio? Who has this company worked for in the past?  Do they have a portfolio of work to showcase their talents?  Can you see the results of their efforts for individual clients?  Will the person that you speak with be the person to handle your account, or will your project be handed down to a less experienced marketer?  Remember that your business is your baby, and you want to be sure that you are placing its reputation in tried and true hands.

Measures, Ratios, and Analytics You want to know what you are paying for, and a media marketing campaign is only worthwhile if it is building business.  So, be sure that you marketer can prove that the efforts made are paying off.  They should mention terms like bounce rate, conversions, and keyword rankings.  And, you should be regularly updated on these measures.

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