Make More of Mobile Marketing

Having trouble breaking into the mobile Digital Marketing Encinitas market.  A lot of the confusion that forms around the idea of reaching out to mobile audiences can be blamed on a single misconception.  Many believe that mobile Digital Marketing Encinitas does not differ from online Digital Marketing Encinitas.  This is a dangerous myth, which can cost you a lot of time, energy, and money.  Mobile marketing is an entirely different matter than traditional media marketing.  The difference simply comes down to the fact that a mobile audience is on the move.  That known, you can effectively alter your strategy to best suit the customer on the go. One of the beauties of today’s mobile device is that fact that it can do so much.  Among the favorite functions of consumers and marketers is the ability to use a phone in the place of a traditional coupon.  Send discounts to your customers mobile devices and they may just be enticed to visit your store and have their phones scanned.  You offer them value, they offer you another sale.  These promos can be doubly beneficial to you, as a marketer.  Offer them only when a consumer performs a desired act.  For instance, if the person follows you on Twitter, likes your Facebook page, or writes a positive review of your product or service, then you can present a mobile coupon.

Apps are another beautiful part about the mobile device.  Get consumers to download and try your app and you will instantly build brand recognition.  You will also gain access to more data about that consumer, which can be used to form more personalized and more effective advertising later on.  There are many analytics tools that can help you track when, where, and how consumers are using your app.

The goal of effective mobile marketing should always be to recognize the needs of the consumer, while on the move, and to provide a solution in a seamless manner.  This can be as simple as a mobile-friendly website design or as advanced as a highly interactive app.

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