Audio and Video: Make it Work with Your Social Marketing Efforts

Del Mar Online Marketing has certainly changed with the times, and with the many advancements always happening today, it can be easy to get left behind.  While some are just starting to understand the power of Twitter and other such social networks, the best marketers are understanding that a social presence isn’t enough anymore. While content has long been the king of media marketing, the form of content has evolved.  If you haven’t yet integrated video or audio into your social marketing strategy, then you are likely missing out on great opportunities to reach your niche. The Business Professional For those who are used to learning from company meetings and conference calls, there is much power to be found in webinars.  The best part is that you don’t have to create all of the content, you don’t have to be the expert.  Ask others to speak about their experiences and their areas of expertise.  Not only will you build connections with the speakers, you will also find that more potential customers are more than willing to listen when there is worthwhile information to be shared.

The Web Surfer For the person who likes to read blog posts, and research interesting topics online, podcasts are great.  Get the average commuter to subscribe to your podcast, and you can feed your message directly to that person each morning or evening, as they tune in to learn more about your area of expertise.  The best part is that a great podcast doesn’t require a great deal of time.  The most successful podcasts are as little as ten or fifteen minutes long, but they are informative, tell a story, or otherwise entertain the listener.

The Socializer  If you are seeking out the millennials, then you may just find that you don’t have to record long lengths of video or audio, but rather can have a great deal of success with a clip of just a few seconds in length.  The .gif file has proven a very effective marketing tool, starting with Google Plus, but now expanding into other social networks as well.  The movement catches the eye, and a great message can be told with only a few seconds of video.

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