B2B Social Marketing: Where to Start

So you are going to start a b2b social media marketing campaign for your B2B company? That’s is wonderful, but where are you going to start? The ‘blank page syndrome’ is very common when it comes to online marketing.  Companies are unfamiliar with the tactics and best practices for social marketing and find themselves overwhelmed at the prospect of breaking into a new frontier.  If you are among those who just needs a little help getting started, consider the following tips. Do Some Research You’ve made a good start already, by reading this blog post, but don’t stop here.  There is a wealth of information available out there.  While you don’t want to get so consumed by the various How-Tos and guides for success, you can learn a lot about social marketing in a relatively short amount of time by simply surfing the web.  That research will pay off.

Make a Couple of ‘Friends’ Start really small by introducing yourself to a couple of active onliners. Reach out to people or companies that are operating in your industry and start conversing.  You may be surprised at how fast conversations like that lead to social growth online.  Don’t be afraid to ask others for online marketing tips.  People love to talk about their various approaches and, again, you may learn a lot.

Read Others Conversations You can learn a lot about your intended target market by reading their social feeds.  You may just discover a problem that they have, which you have a solution for.  Share the solution, tag the intended recipient and you are on your way to building a network.  Remember, the goal is always to produce meaningful content that gives others value.  The best way to do so is to figure out what they need and to devise a solution.

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