Web Development: Are You Trendy?

This year has already seen some notable changes to website trends.  The most successful sites in 2015 seem to suggest that users want a more interactive experience when visiting a website.  There are a number of aspects that web developers are including that make the site more appealing to a contemporary audience  A few of those are:

  • Ghost buttons
  • Hidden menu bar
  • Videos Headers
  • Story-telling

Yet, these, and other alterations like them, are not necessarily the best fit for every website.  Just because a particular movement is taking place in web development doesn’t mean that you have to follow suit with your own site.  Here are a few reasons why you might be better off ignoring the trends:

  1. Website design differs by industry. If your niche market is expecting you to be at the forefront of web design, then you should probably consider upping your game.  But, if your customer is seeking out your website only for contact information or the occasional How-To video, then a full re-design is probably going to cost more than it is worth.
  2. Function is more important that design. Don’t go crazy with re-designs until you have figured out what you consumer wants and needs from your site.  If you are not offering the necessary function, then it doesn’t matter how wonderful your design is.
  3. Your most successful competitors, very likely, did not build their audiences with flash web design. Look at what the competition has to offer and use that as a guide of what you have to offer your intended customer.

That being said, it is important to recognize the difference between a design trend and the changes that could have long-term usefulness.   Perhaps you don’t have to completely redesign your website, but you also shouldn’t allow your page to fall into a rut that results in consumers turning away in search of something more informative, easier to navigate, or more interactive.

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