Getting Higher Quality Talent Through the Door

Your business has reached a tipping point. You’re destined for headlines, great profits, and the ideal business model. The one thing holding you back? The right employee. For many companies, the solution to this equation is a simple one – hire a headhunter and get the right candidate for the job. In a world of cash-strapped start-ups, though, the ideal of shelling out as much as 30% of that employee’s first year salary is staggering. Are there really other ways to get headhunter style results without the cost? Absolutely, and MaxAudience can help. Our Services

Often the problem with searching for the right employee is the same problem some companies have with sales – getting those leads to take things one step further. In this case, you need them to apply, and while headhunters have that process down, they’re not the only ones who can attract the right candidates. We have the tools necessary to take a careful look at the position or positions you wish to fill. You’ll fill us in on the details of the position so we can locate the right individuals. Regardless of your unique requirements, we have a level of flexibility that allows us to find the right person for the job across all levels of your company, saving you some valuable cash in the long run. Once we’ve located suitable candidates, we’ll hand over the resumes and our notes so you can move forward with hiring.

TMC – A Closer Look at Reality

TMC, a healthcare provider requiring very specialized skills contacted us recently with a need to hire several hundred people in 20 different states for their open positions. Instead of wasting valuable cash on an overpriced recruiting firm, we worked with them to come up with the resumes of competent, capable individuals who will become major contributors to their success over time. We provided a quick turnaround and ensured they had the talent necessary to move forward.

If you’re ready to find a higher level of success with our services, contact us today.

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