Do Social Better: Four Tips to Improve Your Social Outlook

Businesses may have easier access to the masses today, but that also means that there are new pressures to perform as well. And, many are now arguing that social isn’t that new. It’s been a way of life for several years now, so if you are still finding it a major struggle, or you haven’t yet admitted how powerful it can be, then you are missing out on growth potential.

  1. Know How to Automate, And How to Turn it Off The biggest complaint that we hear about social marketing is that it is very time consuming. That is true. Though the various social platforms can give you very cost effective access to your target audience, they do require a good deal of your time. However, this can be cut down with the use of social media automation. There are several tools available today (many of them free for a limited number of accounts), which will allow you to schedule posts over a very long period of time. A few hours today could be enough to schedule daily posts for a month. However, it is also important to keep track of those posts, and to know how to stop the automated post. Things can happen that will change how others read your words and you don’t want to come off insensitive.
  2. Read the News Now that you know how to automate, and how to stop those posts, you must know when to do so. Read the news and stay up-to-date with what matters to your niche market. This will allow you to converse more effectively on social media, in a way that appeals to your audience.
  3. Utilize Your Employees’ Reach If you have fifty employees and each of them have two hundred Facebook friends, you, potentially, have access to 10,000 people. Better yet, the news they receive about your company would be coming from a trusted source, because they consider your employee to be a friend. Be sure that you are encouraging your employees to be social and to talk about the company.
  4. Create Interactive Quality Click through ads are great, and they can be effective, but if you really want to develop a level of intimacy with your customers, which will build a sense of loyalty and a desire to buy, then give them something in return. Give first, take later. Create something of quality, and encourage the reader to click links to continue obtaining more valuable information. By giving them something that they way, for free, you will entice them to buy from you later.

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