Integrating Your Social Marketing Efforts

There is a lot to know about the various online channels, before a person can become truly successful with their Del Mar Online Marketing efforts. Becoming too focused on a single objective – whether it is social media, blogging, or newsletters – can be a big risk to take with your online presence. There are a number of ways that you can use the success that you have already had in one particular area to boost the weak links. Here are a few examples of how you can transfer your success from one platform to another. Start with what you have already mastered and work forward from there.

Email If you have a thriving email list, but you aren’t getting the desired impact from email marketing alone, then consider transferring your efforts to other areas. Most social media networks will allow you to find followers, friends, and contacts by referencing your email list. There are multiple ways that you can benefit from doing so. First and foremost, this tells your audience that you are really interested in them on a personnel level (as long as you manage this task tactfully). It allows them to put a face and personality with the brand. Secondly, this is a quick way to grow your followership on social media. People are more inclined to follow or like you, if you have done the same for them. Finally, the effort can help you weed out junk email addresses and streamline your network in a positive way.

Twitter or Facebook When social media is already the strength, you have the advantage of an active audience. The key is to continue conversing as you have been, but to direct the traffic to other avenues. If you have something interesting to say, if you can make others want to read more, then you can direct traffic to your blog, your other social media accounts, or to your website.

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