Better Email Call to Action

Perhaps one of the most important features of any kind of marketing is the call to action (CTA), and nowhere is this more true than the email call to action. This is where good writing and good marketing really need to sync. A poor or confusing CTA can damage your click-through rate, lead conversions and ultimately affect your sales.   Here are some tips for writing a stronger CTA. Text matters. Believe it or not, when it comes to the CTA, people aren’t as interested in the snazzy picture as they are the text. So while it seems elementary, always start with a subject and a verb. Verbs actually generate the most shares on Twitter, but many businesses bury their verbs at the bottom of the copy – or leave them out altogether. Take your verbs one step ahead by writing a “vibrant” verb. Don’t tell your readers to “look” at something when they could “peek” at it instead.

Where are your numbers? Much of the copy online is fairly vague. Break through the clutter by including data, percentages etc. Four out of five copy writers agree.

Punchy writing doesn’t overly rely on adverbs or adjectives. In fact, overloading your copy with excess has a researched negative effect on your click-through conversion rates. A good rule of thumb is to keep it between 90 and 150 characters. This holds true with other marketing activities as well, such as emails and press releases. Too much information takes a reader a long time to read.

Focus on the practical instead of the technical. Readers need clear language and less technical and business jargon. While those words may seem familiar to you, they won’t be to the majority of your readers. So lose the language that might alienate your customer.

Writing a great call to action is about choosing the right words to compel your audience to purchase, sign up for or otherwise follow your call to action. Lead with your verbs and keep it concise and you will begin to see your conversion rates go up!

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