After a Google Penalty: The Next Steps

Ouch! Getting hit with a penalty from Google can really feel like a major setback; but there is no need to panic. Here are the next steps you need to take to get out of the google penalty box and back into the marketing game after a penalty. Find the source of the problem. There are a host of online webmaster tools that will enable you to test how Google is rendering a URL on your site. These Googlebots can give you lots of valuable information, not the least of which is how Google sees your page, as opposed to how a browser is rendering your page. Information is key. You can’t fix what you don’t know about.

Reassess your entire site. Again, there are lots of great online management tools to give your site a good overhaul. You may not be aware the site has thin or duplicate content or too many dead ends and broken links. This is especially important if your site is large and impractical to search through other means.

Check for bad backlinks. This is the primary reason most sites are leveled with a Google penalty and it is an easy problem to prevent and to detect and solve. If your anchor text is overloaded with content that isn’t relevant or your backlinks seem to go to spam or other sites that aren’t well connected to your main idea,that may have been the problem.

With so many great online management tools, you really just need to pick the right ones for your site. Do a thorough analysis of what went wrong and then utilize the software to help fix it. You can get back in the game quicker than you might think with the right tools!

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