Using Google+ to Help With Your SEO

This is a topic that has been discussed a great deal online, since Google Plus made its debut. There is a good reason for that. Google+ can be a very powerful media marketing tool and one that shouldn’t be overlooked by companies that are trying to grow their online reputation. If you are operating an online retail website, or trying to grow your web exposure, you should definitely consider a business profile on this social media platform.

It makes sense that the Google search engines would be partial to Google plus activity and it has been proven that they do. Combining efforts on your website with Google+ posts, YouTube business videos, and a Google Local account can go a long way toward enhancing your online standing, and can improve how your company appears when showing up in search results.

This platform is also very business friendly, as it turns out. There are many features that make business-to-consumer communication very viable and attractive. With the Google Local account established, a business can appear in the local pack when relevant search terms are entered, which further boosts brand recognition, and reviews on the Google+ page add to business credibility while improving SEO standing.

There are really a few things that you should do, if you are not yet using Google+ to its full potential.

First, create a business page and use it. Millions upon millions of people have a Google+ account, but a large percentage rarely, if ever, use it. It’s not enough to create the account, you need to keep it active.

Second, be sure that you have verified your Google+ Local Listing.

Third, encourage others with calls to action and +1 buttons. Make sure you are using these buttons on your website, and use the CTAs to build a list of reviews on Google Plus from past customers.

Finally, be sure that your posts on Google Plus are keyword-rich. The more optimized your posts are, the better they will help your overall SEO.

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