Creating a Social Media Marketing Campaign: Customization

There are plenty of ‘How-Tos’ on the web, which are meant to offer guidance as a company begins to formulate a Digital Marketing San Diego strategy. However, they are not intended to be strict gospel, but rather a series of ideas and concepts that can be altered to fit the need of the company. There is no perfect method when it comes to Digital Marketing San Diego. It is not an exact science and will strongly depend on the particular needs, strengths, and attitudes of the company establishing the strategy. As such, it is not something that can be established on a whim. You are prone to failure if you simply attempt to mimic the blueprints laid out by a professional Digital Marketing San Diego company. Remember, it is that person’s job to manage such strategies. He or she did not develop a strategy overnight, nor does the plan of attack remain consistent. A great marketing approach recognizes that technology changes, customer needs change, and the competition is continually upping its game.

As you work toward creating a plan that works for your company, consider the following:

Objective This is one of the biggest reasons that marketing strategies must be tailored to the individual organization – companies set out with different goals in mind. What do you hope to achieve with your social marketing? Are you aiming to increase sales or to increase website exposure? Are you trying to build stronger networks or are you trying to expand your niche? Knowing what your objective is will be essential as you move forward. Be precise, as the ultimate goal will dictate the proper path to reaching it.

Audience You must know exactly who you are attempting to reach with your campaign. Age, sex, race, geographical location, religion, and other such factors can help you determine where you are most likely to find your niche on the web. For instance, a man working in the construction industry, who has already celebrated his fiftieth birthday is likely going to be more comfortable with email than with Twitter. Yet, a young woman, still in college and seeking a profession in communications will likely be very active on social network sites.

Time and Budget Both time and money will be influencers when it comes to social marketing. Certain channels require a great deal of maintenance, and therefore, will be time suckers. If you have the time to give, or you can afford to hire help, then they can be very effective channels. On the other hand, some campaigns will be more expensive, but less of a time burden. You have to find a combination of tactics that will fit within your schedule and your budget.

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