Outdated SEO Techniques you Might Still be Using

Keeping up with the times has never been more important in Digital Marketing San Diego than it is right now. Updating your techniques should be a priority. Search engines are wise to many of the old tricks perpetrated in the past. Some are slamming the positions of sites that continue to use outdated, rather hackneyed ploys to gain higher ranks. If you want to get or keep your rankings, you need to dump your timeworn methods and bring in some new ideas. Keyword Stuffing

This is one of the most obvious outdated techniques and search engines know all about it. If you’re using the same keyword or phrase in every sentence thinking it will help you land at the top of the page, think again. You’re more likely to be penalized than rewarded.

Watered-Down Content

If you‘ve stretched how to flip on a light switch into a 1000 word article, don’t expect any benefits from it. While it may be an impressive use of vocabulary, thin content is really just a waste of time, energy and bandwidth. Quality is the keyword when it comes to content. Search engines are not just looking at word counts anymore; they’re looking for what you actually have to say.

Link Exchanges

Joining a link exchange won’t gain you any ground on the results pages either. A link should be a mark of endorsement and trust. You shouldn’t give that faith to another site unless there is some value for your site’s guests in that relationship. This is an obvious ploy to search engines and anyone else who sees it.

Measuring Success by Rankings Alone

You might need to rethink your SEO goals. It’s really not all about the rankings. You can consistently be #1 and still have lousy traffic, low sales and a pathetic ROI. If your business is going under how good will that search engine page position feel? You should be using your analytics and measuring your success on more than page rankings alone. Widen your view and the real goals of SEO will get a lot clearer.

Update your site, your SEO and while you’re at it, update your thought processes too!

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